Synod 2019

What is Synod?

By Heather Adams

The Synod is the legislative body of the diocese meaning it adopts canons (our governing rules), approves the budget, elects diocesan committee members and takes any other action necessary for the life and work of our diocese. Synod meets annually and consists of the clergy order and the lay order. The clergy delegates include the bishop and the priests and deacons of the diocese under the authority of our bishop. The lay delegates are those elected by the local congregations and missions, plus the lay members of the Standing Committee. In addition, the Synod includes four youth delegates, nominated by our churches and chosen by the Standing Committee. They have full voice and vote.

But Synod is more than just “business.” It’s a joy-filled opportunity to gather as a diocese for worship, fellowship and spiritual growth. Come and be re-energized and refreshed by the worship, Bible teaching, testimonies and breakout sessions on topics central to our churches’ ministries and mission. In addition, many mission agencies are on hand in the exhibit area, offering us a wide range of resources.

It’s a great event, so much so that it draws even more guests than delegates!

Everyone is invited to Synod, so plan to come this fall, Nov. 15-16.


No • No registration is needed if you plan to only attend the Friday night Eucharist or the Saturday breakout sessions. You also do not need to register if you plan to just drop by to visit the exhibits.

Yes • If you would like attend Synod as a guest or observer and stay for lunch on Saturday, please register so we have an accurate count for lunch. There is no charge for this event. Clergy and delegates are asked to register so that ballots can be prepared for them. You need to register if you would like to attend the Pre-Synod Session on Friday, November 15.


What is the Equip! Pre-Synod Session?

By Tom Herrick

Equip! 2019 will focus on helping our congregations find and develop new ministry leaders for the next generation. Join us as we discuss strategies for how to cultivate new leaders and develop pathways for them to grow and mature. Speakers will focus on how to develop a leadership culture in your church, strategies for cultivating emerging leaders, the risks and rewards of entrusting responsibilities to others, developing pathways for emerging leaders to follow, and planning for growth and reproduction.

This year's featured speaker will be The Rev. Dr. Esau McCaulley, Professor of New Testament at Wheaton College, and Director of the ACNA’s Next Generation Leadership Initiative.

Please register, so we can have enough dinner for everyone.