Tuesday Morning Women's Bible Study - Hosea: Unfailing Love Changes Everything

Hosea, an Old Testament prophet, used his own personal, passionate, difficult love story of an adulterous marriage to illustrate the devastating doom and harsh judgment Assyria would bring on Israel; and God’s true, pure, continuing love and longing for the return for His covenant people, the Israelites who wouldn’t repent of spiritual adultery with false gods. Hosea showered his wayward wife with love that illustrates God’s compassion and unfailing love that cannot let His people go.

Please join us Oct. 1-Nov. 12, for Jennifer Rothschild’s DVD based study and workbook as we learn from Hosea about judgment, repentance, hope, love, and the promised Messiah. We meet in the multipurpose room at All Saints’ Church from 10 a.m.- noon. All women are welcome, and we’ve saved a place for you. Contact Chloellen@comcast.net for more information or to order a workbook.