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This public declaration of faith in Jesus Christ takes place during Sunday morning worship on or near five occasions each year: Pentecost, All Saints' Day, The Baptism of Our Lord (the Sunday after the Epiphany), and Easter Eve (a Saturday evening service). In addition, baptism usually takes place once during the summer months. Through either the pouring on of water, or immersion in water, we are cleansed of our sins, incorporated into the Body of Christ, and called to ministry in the Name of Jesus.

Pre-Baptism Classes are held Saturday mornings 9:30-11:30 a.m. prior to Baptisms.

If you or a member of your family wishes to be baptized, you must attend one of the pre-baptismal classes prior to the date of your or your child’s baptism, unless you have attended one at All Saints’ previously. 

You will need to:

Nursery care can be provided during the class if you let us know when you register. 

Holy Communion

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At All Saints’ Church we celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday morning. As part of our weekly celebration, we partake in the Holy Eucharist, as Christ makes Himself present to us in this profound sacrament. 

A sacrament is an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace. In the Eucharist, the outward and visible sign is that of bread and wine, while the inward and spiritual grace is that of the real presence of the Body and Blood of Christ.

All baptized Christians, regardless of religious tradition, are welcome at the Lord’s Table.

Baptized infants and children may take communion also. A Children's Eucharist class is offered every spring for young children, ages mature four through eight. It meets one hour on four Sundays after church. Parents decide when a child is ready to take the class.



We encourage every person who wishes to join All Saints' Church to do so by affirming his or her faith in Jesus Christ in worship on the Sunday our Bishop visits. This is done in one of three ways, all of which include the Laying-on-of-Hands and prayer by the Bishop:

  • Confirmation is for those who have never before made a mature, public affirmation of faith in Christ.

  • Reception is for those who are being received into a Church of the Anglican Communion, having previously made a mature, public affirmation of faith in Christ in another denomination.

  • Reaffirmation of Baptismal Vows is for those who have previously been Confirmed in or Received into a Church of the Anglican Communion and would like to reaffirm their faith in Jesus Christ.

We make our profession of faith before the Bishop, who symbolizes the fact that, as Christians, we are part of God's universal church, and not only All Saints' Church. 

Read more from the Anglican Church North America about confirmation. (PDF)

Those Interested in Confirmation, Reaffirmation or Reception

Preparations for the Bishop's visit are made at our 7-week confirmation course, Learning & Confirming What We Believe, whose completion is required for Confirmation, Reception and Reaffirmation. (Those wishing to Reaffirm their Baptismal Vows who have previously been Confirmed or Received into the Anglican Church are not required to take the Confirmation Course but are strongly encouraged to.) You will need to register for Confirmation, Reception or Reaffirmation as well as the Confirmation Course. 



All Saints' Church participates with 25 other churches in Prince William County in an Eastern Prince William County Community Marriage Policy. Although All Saints' would delight in celebrating your marriage, it is the responsibility of pastors to set minimum requirements to raise the quality of the commitment in those who marry. We believe those couples who engage in serious preparation before marriage will have a better understanding of what the marriage commitment involves. As agents of God, acting on His behalf, we pastors feel it is our responsibility to encourage couples to set aside time for marriage preparation instead of concentrating only on wedding plans. We acknowledge that a wedding is but a day; a marriage is for a lifetime.