Lindsey's Retirement Celebration


On Sunday, August 25 from 9:45-10:45 a.m., we celebrate Lindsey Feldman, who is retiring from her Children's Ministry position. As difficult as it will be to see Lindsey leave, we are excited to see what adventures God has in store for her. 

A committee has gathered to coordinate a variety of efforts. Here are ways you can participate!

Sharing Memories & Testimonies


In honor of Lindsey’s 11 years as our Children’s Ministry Director, we would like to share memories and words of gratitude during the August 25 celebration. If you have a memory or a specific “thank you for...” you’d like to share during Lindsey’s time as a Children’s Ministry Director, please send your thoughts in an email to:

Due to the time restraint, we will not have an “open mike” time. Memories to share must be sent in advance  We will gather up all of the written thoughts to present to Lindsey using pictures, props, and words for a presentation during her celebration! 

Providing Gifts

A variety of thoughtful, creative gifts are in the making to celebrate Lindsey Feldman’s ministry here at All Saints’. If you would like to contribute to the gifts, please make the check payable to “All Saints’ Church” with “for Lindsey” in the memo line” or put cash in an envelope and write “Gifts for Lindsey” on the envelope. Please leave your contribution with Cathy or Lori in the front the office. Any extra contributions will go towards a special gift card for Lindsey and Mike to enjoy. 

(These donations are not tax-deducible.)



On the actual day of the event, we will have special food items and decorations representing Lindsey’s ministry. If you’d like to help prepare, set-up, donate, and clean-up, please let us know!!! 

Questions? Contact the committee via email