Young Adults

Who We Are:

Koinonia: Fellowship and communion with God and fellowship with His body — fellow Christians and believers. A bond for a united purpose. Involving a person’s relationship with God.

Our Purpose:

The purpose of our group is to grow spiritually, both as individuals and as members of the body of Christ. We are mindful that developing a personal relationship with God must be intentional and deliberate. Our hope is to grow closer to the members of this group and support one another in our endeavor to mature spiritually. We seek to create a safe and grace-filled space for conversations, questions, and prayer needs without fear of judgement. We acknowledge that this life is not easy and that we may not have answers to all the questions, but we can, as a group, support one another in our individual and group effort to walk with God.

We have been blessed to meet at 2900 Glory Drive on Tuesdays from 7:30 p.m. -9:30 p.m.. Hoa, a member of All Saints' has been gracious to open up her home to the Young Adults group.

Stay in touch through our Facebook page.