What goes on during the week at the church?

There are numerous activities happening each day (and night) at All Saints' though the schedule sometimes changes from week to week. Each week All Saints' sends out a newsletter with an upcoming schedule of events. Please call the church office if you would like to receive the weekly newsletter by email. 

There are Bible studies that include women's groups and men's groups.

Youth Ministry for rising 7th graders through senior high schoolers meets each Sunday evening from 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. during the school year, with snacks, followed by activities.

Three or four times a year there are special conferences offered in a wide range of topics.

We strive to provide nursery care for most occasions. All of the above mentioned meetings have nursery care. The best policy is to ask the church office if arrangements have been made for an upcoming event. They will gladly do their best to make arrangements for childcare.

Does All Saints' offer communion?

Yes, every Sunday during both services. Communion is open to all baptized believers, regardless of religious tradition. Baptized infants and children may take communion also. A Children's Eucharist class is offered every spring for young children, ages mature four through eight year olds. More details about Holy Eucharist are here.

Perhaps. All Saints' would delight in celebrating your marriage. All Saints' Church participates with 25 other churches in Prince William County in an Eastern Prince William County Community Marriage Policy. See more on our wedding page. 

I want to get married in a few months. Can I get married at All Saints'?

Please click on our baptism page for more information.

I want to get baptized. What is involved?

Joining All Saints' is easy. Please see How to Join.

How do I join the church?

We all need support in this world. Our primary life support system is to stay connected to God through prayer. All Saints' has several ways of helping you receive prayer, which are explained here:

The Prayer Room: All Saints' has a room dedicated to prayer. It is located at the parking lot end of the education wing. The Prayer Room's primary purpose is to provide the setting for prayer for you, your immediate family, your extended family members, your friends, neighbors, acquaintances and co-workers, or communities, schools, other churches, our neighborhood, our nation and the other nations of the world. To place a request in the Prayer Room, fill out the form provided in the Prayer Room on the small altar or click here. Record your name, the date, and the specific request. You can also phone the church office. The requests will be prayed for regularly for two weeks. At the end of that time the form will be discarded. If you want continued prayer, fill out another form. All of us are encouraged to pray for these requests. The Prayer Room can be accessed when the church is not open by using the parking lot side access doors. A code is required. Phone the church office to obtain the code.

Prayer during the Sunday Service: All Saints' prayer teams are designed to provide prayer for our need to draw closer to the heart of our Father God and for prayer for physical healing or the healing of the stress and distress of life's problems. The prayer setting is for briefly sharing your need and then for receiving prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Inner Healing Prayer: Prayer for the wounds we experience throughout life because of the sins of others who have wounded us and because of the effects of our own sinful choices. To receive this kind of prayer and to learn more about it, contact Deacon Julie Tilton at 703-670-0093.

You: You are our own primary connection with God through prayer for yourself, your family, and your friends. You, as a Christian, have been given the authority to pray in Jesus's Name for yourself and others. We must not abdicate our authority. We must pray daily for ourselves, our loved ones, and for others.

If I need prayer, who do I call?

There is a "Who to Call" list of contact names found in the Ministry Guide and in the church directory. Both of these publications can be obtained at the church office. If you want to volunteer to help out in the office, please call 703-670-0093 and talk to our church administrator.

If I want to help out in the church, whom should I call to volunteer?

Is your building handicap accessible?

We want everyone to have access to our services, therefore our building has:

  • Accessible parking convenient to front and rear entrances.

  • Ramps from street to curb level with no additional steps to enter the building.

  • Accessible bathrooms (grab rails, larger stalls and angled mirrors).

  • An elevator to transfer between levels.

  • Exterior doors that, when fully extended, will lock in the open position, allowing a guest to enter without having to hold the door open.